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Lionel Rose Google Doodle

Lionel Rose Google Doodle

Lionel Rose Google doodle in Australia showing on December 10. Google Celebrating Lionel Rose who was inducted into the Sport Australian Hall of Fame on this day in 1985. Lionel Rose was Australian bantamweight boxer as well as singer, and the first Indigenous Australian to win a world title. He became the first Indigenous Australian to be named Australian of the Year in 1968.
Lionel Edmund Rose MBE
Indigenous Australian world champion bantamweight boxer Lionel Edmund Rose was born on 21 June 1948, into poverty in the Indigenous Australian settlement of Jackson’s Track, where he faced intense discrimination. He idolized his father, a two-time Australian lightweight champion who trained Rose using only rags as gloves. At just 15, he won his first amateur flyweight title, and by 1964, Rose went pro.

lionel rose vs fighting harada on 27.2.1968 – WBC & WBA World Bantamweight Championship title fight in which a triumphant 15-round decision victory over Japanese champion Masahiko “Fighting” Harada. Lionel Rose become second Australian teenager and first Indigenous Australian fighter to win a world title.

He quickly became renowned for his lightning-fast reflexes and tenacious counter-punches and returned home from Japan to an estimated 250,000 people in the streets of Melbourne celebrating his success—the largest welcome home to date in Australian sports. Rose was also a skilled singer and guitar player, even recording “Jackson Track” and “I Thank You ” a chart-topping country album.

He successfully defended his title in three consecutive matches until he relinquished the belt in 1969. Remembered as a generous and humble leader, he retired in 1976 as a national hero and one of the greatest Australian athletes of all time.

Google honors Indigenous Australian world champion bantamweight boxer Lionel Rose with a doodle. IN today’s doodle artwork depicted Lionel Rose I Thank You song in the distinct style of Western Kulin artwork.

Lionel Rose a World Champion boxer, a #1 recording artist, and a triumphant advocate for First Nations people of Australia.


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