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Kanō Jigorō

Kanō Jigorō

Kanō Jigorō
Google Search honors Japanese Martial art master who is Father of Judo Kanō Jigorō (嘉納治五郎). Google Doodle celebrates Kanō Jigorō’s 161st Birthday. Judo was first Japanese Martial art which popular all around the world.

#KanōJigorō #嘉納治五郎 #GoogleDoodle

Watch this video to know Who is Kanō Jigorō and his contribution in Sports like Judo and Jūjutsu.
Kano Jigoro is Japanese sports educator and founder of the famous Judo martial art.

Kanō Jigorō Googlr Doodle
On 28 October 2021 Google showing slider doodle in Japan , India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, European Countries like France, Spain Italy .South American countries like Argentina , Peru, Chile.

judo olympics 2021
Kano Jigoro
Who is Dr Jigoro Kano?
Who is Jigoro Kano and what is his contribution?
Kanō Jigorō Judo
Kanō Jigorō Martial artist
Japanese educator,
Facts about Kanō Jigorō
The founder of Judo
first Asian member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

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