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Why choose Knowband for your eCommerce plugins?

eCommerce plugins are an integral part of any eCommerce business. In fact, if you don’t have the right modules for your store, you can lag behind your competitors. Thus, choosing the best plugins should be your priority. Further, Knowband is the right place for all things eCommerce. Why are we so sure about it? Because there are numerous reasons that prove the worth of modules by Knowband.

Knowband brings forth a collection of eCommerce plugins suitable for platforms including Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento2, WooCommerce, and more. In fact, talking about Prestashop, Knowband shares a reputed title of Superhero seller on the Prestashop Addon Store. In addition to this, it is also a Premium Partner Agency. Thus, these are just a few reasons to look up to Knowband plugins.

In this article, let me throw light on the reasons why choosing Knowband for your eCommerce plugins would be great. Are you ready? Let’s go ahead.

The simplified User Interface

Knowband has a clean website. Further, it allows the customers to browse and find the right modules effortlessly. Thus, it makes the whole job of locating plugins easy. Knowband’s website features filters and subcategories that help the store owners find what they’re looking for. Hence, the UI is stunning.

The discounts and coupon codes are superb

Once the customers find the right module, the next step is to get them at slashed prices. After all, modules can be really troubling for the budget. Hence, Knowband features monthly discounts or additional cut-offs on the prices of the eCommerce modules. For instance, the Holiday Sale right now can be really beneficial for your pockets. In fact, it is wise for you to wishlist your favorite modules in time and buy them when they are on additional discounts.

The impeccable customer support as a lending hand

This comes as no surprise that Knowband’s customer support is praised everywhere. In fact, clients depend on the customer support team for all kinds of issues they face. Thus, get them resolved on time. Further, due to the popularity of customer support, Knowband offers 3 months of free service on every purchase.


Knowband features numerous eCommerce plugins for all platforms. In addition, it provides the best service to its esteemed clients. If you have the experience to share, do let us know. In fact, share your queries and suggestions at

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