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Different Techniques of to Carry out a Vaginoplasty – Allure Medspa – Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Different Techniques of to Carry out a Vaginoplasty – Allure Medspa – Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Vaginoplasty is a surgery done to reconstruct or form a vagina through various techniques. This surgery can be done after any injury, child birth, any sort of trauma or if the woman has had vaginal cancer. It may also be used to create a vagina for the woman who is born without one due to vaginal agenesis. ‘Agenesis’ in Latin refers to ‘not developed’. Therefore, vaginal agenesis means the vagina is not developed. Vaginoplasty can also be used to create a vagina for the transgender women as a type of gender-affirming surgery. It means developing a new vagina through scientific methods. The vaginoplasty cost depends accordingly.

There are different techniques and types of performing vaginoplasty. However, the vaginoplasty cost varies for each of the technique used. The procedures also depend on certain factors. For example, women’s age, surgery appropriate for an adult transgender women and the young cisgender girl. The main types of vaginoplasty are as follows; Intestinal, Peritoneal, McIndoe, Buccal mucosa,etc.

The Intestinal technique is also called as sigmoid vaginoplasty. Here, the procedure makes use of a section of the sigmoid colon to create the new vagina. This is similarly done like the laparoscopic surgery. For this type of surgery a small piece of colon is detached and then rotated down which works as the lining to the vagina. Then the surrounding colon is stitched together to restore its working function. This surgery is also named as keyhole surgery because there is only a small slit through the skin. There are certain criticisms regarding this surgery but the generation of mucus by the intestinal tissue is considered as an advantage by majority of experts.

Secondly, the peritoneal vaginoplasty unlike the intestinal one uses the lining of the abdominal cavity which is called as the peritoneum. This is also a kind of laparoscopic procedure. Doctors who carry out this technique to create a vagina for women do not necessarily need to use dilation to maintain the vaginal opening. This is applicable in case where women are engaged in regular sexual intercourse. There is a risk of fistula (an abnormal connection of two body cavities). Fistulas are usually treatable without surgery.

The third technique is quite different from the other two. Unlike the earlier ones this type does not require abdominal surgery to create a lining. Instead, it lines the vagina with a skin graft. This skin graft is placed on the vaginal mould and then positioned on the place which is open for the vagina. The mould is used consistently for the first few months after the surgery to heal the vagina into open cavity suitable for intercourse. The vaginoplasty cost for this type is comparatively lesser.

The fourth method that is the Buccal Mucosa is the tissue lining the mouth similarly to the lining of the vagina. Both tissues are hairless and create mucus. This type is not common and in some ways an ideal lining for creation of neovagina.

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