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smart Home India

Welcome to Pert Smart Home India.Now keep your home just in your hands like smartphone.Pert Home Automation System enables set up and control of luxury home automation system in just a few steps right from the Android or iPad.Home-owners can rapidly create lifestyle scenes for each room, schedule events and much more without even opening a laptop. It also empowers homeowners to confidently make changes to their scenes, settings and even system schedules with just a few taps on an iPad or touch screen to improve better.
Pert Automation Systems are designed to utilize your existing Home Eco-system (Retrofit solution) means it simply converts existing switches, appliances or any other just into smart & integrate all-in-one app, making everyday tasks a little easier.
With Pert Home Automation System We now have everything required to convert a simple home into smart home such as dimmers,touch switches,smart switches,curtain controller,Multi-Sensors,door sensors,motion sensors,smart plugs,smart locks,Indoor security camera,RGB lighting,smart locks controlled by a Pert automation app on smart phone.

Pert 8 Node Smart Switch



I'm a technology entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years, I have worked across functions including Business Management, Strategy, Product Development, and Technology.Founder of pert smart home india.Pert is a Hardware Startup, building Innovative and affordable technology solutions for happy and safe living.