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Root canal treatment in Pune | root canal cost in Pune |

Root canal treatment in Pune

Root canal treatment (RCT) is an instant pain reliever and the best treatment to retain the natural teeth mechanism. Root canal Procedure can preserve your tooth from disease, decay. a root canal helps to preserve the tooth so you won’t require a tooth extraction. The average root canal cost in Pune is Rs.3000 to Rs 10,000.but root canal cost depends upon various factor

While you may be nervous about getting a root canal, you’ll be tension free to hear that this procedure is Painless and no more complicated.

Deccan Dental Clinic is the leading and most trusted Dental Clinic that offers advanced and painless root canal treatment in Pune by root canal specialist Dr.Priyanka Saokar Navale.

root canal cost in Pune

On average, expect root canal cost in Pune to be around Rs.3000 to Rs 10,000.cost is vary by the dentist’s experience and the procedure they used.

Root Canal cost is Depends upon various factors such as:-

  • Consultation fees.
  • X-ray Charges.
  • Anesthesia to prevent infections
  • Root canal location and Extent of damage(Back teeth is more expensive than front teeth due to number of roots).
  • types of treatment (Microscope, Endomotor, Laser)

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