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What should I generally say in a birthday card?

What should I generally say in a birthday card?

Let’s first go through the fundamentals before getting into the details. The samples that follow may be used with just about any free birthday ecard that you create. To be even more inclusive, free birthday cards should contain the following: 


  • A greeting (Definitely use their name.) 
  • Happy birthday! (Remember to pronounce these words out loud or in some other way.) 
  • Your well-wishes (You’ll soon find that this can manifest itself in a variety of ways.) 
  • A suitable conclusion (Should depend on the relationship.) 
  • Your birthday wishes should just be a few phrases long; this is a card, not a book. Keep the conversation on-topic and keep the birthday person in the spotlight.


Examples of brief, pleasant, and informal birthday messages 


These amusing asides are quite generic and may be found in any virtual birthday cards


  • Best of luck to you today! 
  • Have a great birthday. 
  • I wish you a happy birthday. 
  • Happy birthday, and best wishes for the future. 
  • Greetings on your great birthday. 
  • Greetings to you! 
  • I hope you have a wonderful day. 
  • Enjoy your special day; it’s yours! 
  • I wish you a day full of affection, joy, and plenty of cake.


If your relationship with the receivers calls for it, be a bit more personal. 


If you’re sending a free birthday ecard to a loved one, including a few intimate facts will make the letter feel more personalized. Take into account what it means to you and your relationship with this individual. You might pull inspiration from previously shared events, inside jokes, or just being thankful that person is in your life. 


  • One of life’s most valuable treasures is friendship, and having yours has been one of my greatest joys. 
  • I’m so delighted you were born because having you in my life for the past 10 years has been an incredible journey. Holy gosh, has it really been ten years already?
  • A boy could not ask for a better girl than you! On your big day, I can’t wait to rejoice with you. 
  • Do you recall the incident in Tennessee? Awaiting this year’s recreation of that festivity! 
  • one more birthday! The past three years have been quite an adventure. It seems like we’ve been friends for ages. Birthday greetings! 
  • Without you, I can’t picture my existence. I should also thank your parents today. Birthday greetings! 
  • That you are in my life is such a blessing.


Include a birthday quote! 


There are always someone else’s to fall back on when you’re at a loss for words. After all, everything has already been stated. It’s great to finish your virtual birthday cards with a birthday phrase. There are several alternatives, from something humorous and whimsical to a more sober formal phrase, depending on the tone you’re striving for. 


  • The wonderful thing about becoming older is that you retain all of your previous ages. Madeleine L. Engle 
  • “In the end, it doesn’t matter how many years you have left to live. It’s your years of life. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • You are never too old to establish fresh objectives or harbor new aspirations. — C.S. Lewis 
  • Let’s toast the event with wine and kind words. —Plautus 
  • “There is more to rejoice the more you praise and enjoy your life.” (Oprah Winfrey) 
  • Youth is ageless. Pablo Picasso 
  • “You are you right now. That couldn’t be more accurate. Nobody living today is you-er than you are. Theodor Seuss 
  • “Mind over matter prevails over physical aging. It’s irrelevant if you don’t mind. Mr. Twain 


Conclusion for a birthday card 


You’ve now finished writing your birthday greeting, but how can you conclude it completely? It can be difficult to sign off on a group cards, but we have some examples you can use to end your birthday message. 


The relationship between you and the receiver should be kept in mind. This relationship should be reflected in the formality level. For instance, avoid signing off to your clients with the word “Love.” And there you have it, your perfect birthday ecard

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