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Taiwan National Day Google Doodle

Taiwan National Day Google Doodle

Taiwan National Day 2021 celebrates on the tenth day of the tenth month, Taiwan celebrates its National Day—fittingly known as Double Tenth Day. Today’s Google Doodle honors this annual holiday with a depiction of the endangered Formosan black bear, which is considered both a cultural symbol and the national animal of Taiwan.

Endemic to the mountainous cloud forests of eastern Taiwan, the Formosan bear (nicknamed “moon bears” due to their crescent moon-shaped chest markings) is the nation’s largest land mammal. Unlike other Asiatic black bears who hibernate during the winter, this beloved species is always on the move and descends to lower elevations as the seasons change in search of food. Because of this nomadic adaptation, Formosan black bears are the only bears on the planet to make temporary nests!

In 1989, the Taiwanese government signed the Cultural Heritage Preservation Law. This legislation, alongside the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, continues to protect the few hundred Formosan black bears estimated to inhabit the east Asian country today.

Happy National Day, Taiwan!

國慶日 || 國慶日 2021 Google塗鴉 || 国庆日快乐 || 中華民國 Taiwan National Day Google Doodle. In this video learn about Taiwan National Day 2021 Google Doodle which celebrates Annual Holiday of Taiwan on 10th October.
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國慶日 (中華民國)

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