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Sports Shoes Worn By Virender Sehwag In The Latest TVC Ad 2019 – Asian Shoes

Sports Shoes Worn By Virender Sehwag In The Latest TVC Ad 2019 – Asian Shoes

One can seriously get wondered after watching Sehwag dancing and Grooving like this. Once a nightmare for former aggressive bowlers from Pakistan, now Viru is trying to copy Michael Jackson’s move with his favourite Asian Sports Shoes.

You can see how Virender Sehwag entered his house with no energy inside him. But a glimpse of fashionable Asian Sports Shoes awakens his dancing avatar and he started grooving and dancing like a crazy.

Watch Virender sehwag Michael Jackson’s moves –


Do you know why Virender Sehwag has chosen to promote Asian Sports Shoes?

Quality within a budget

He has promoted Asian because it offers quality sports shoes that fit everyone’s budget. Now no one needs to stop him/herself to take participate in their favourite sports activities. Gym lovers can pick from the latest stylish range of sports shoes.

Shoes for marathon runners

A perfect combination of comfort and durability makes these shoes perfect to participate even in a marathon. Shoes from the house of Asian can be the favourite jogging or walking companion of anyone.

Perfect for casual outings

You can see how Sehwag paired the Asian Sports shoes with his casual attire. You can also improvise your casual dressing sense with the shoes available at the online store of Asian Shoes.

Footwears for Everyone

Footwears available on Asian are not just for the youngsters only. From the school going kids to the beloved elders, anybody can purchase a pair of shoes from Asian Online Store.

Sehwag has already enjoyed the thrill and comfort in Asian Shoes. Now it’s your turn to go dance and groove like Viru. Pick up your Tashan with every pair of Asian Sports Shoes. You can search through a vast variety of Sports and Casual Shoes at

Are you shocked to see Viru dancing like this? Have you ever seen this Avatar of him before? The magic of Asian sports shoes has elevated his mood so well that he could not resist himself from grooving and dancing. As you can see him enjoying the all-new range of Asian Footwears, Virender Sehwag’s new TVC ad is winning hearts worldwide. One who has been an outstanding performer on the field, now showing his Tashan with the Asian Shoes at his own house.

Viru’s Tashan

You will be amazed to know that Virender Sehwag has decided to become the Brand Ambassador of Asian Shoes. He is a cricket star who has never compromised playing awesome shots on the ground. Now even off-ground, he wants to stick with the best – Asian Shoes. You can see Viru enjoying his Tashan while wearing varieties of sports and casual shoes from the house of Asian.

Why Virender Sehwag is promoting Asian Shoes?

Grab your Tashan with the exciting new range of Asian Shoes available at the Asian Footwears Store. Varieties of modern looking sports and casual shoes are launched while keeping quality and comfort on top priority. Asian Footwears has decided to keep its prices low so that every Indian could afford highly durable and comfortable shoes within their budget.

Something for Everyone

Not only Gentlemen but kids and women can also buy from the wide varieties of sports and casual shoes available online at Asian’s Store. You will be stunned to see how the latest sports shoe designs available on Asian’s Store competing with International shoe designs. The pair of Asian shoes worn by Sehwag in this TVC Ad 2019 is from the latest collection launched by the brand – Asian Footwears.

To check-out, the latest range of Asian Shoes, visit online Asian Store Today or you can buy directly from


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