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Nutrafirst Launches High-Quality Hair Product To Treat Hair Loss

Nutrafirst Launches High-Quality Hair Product To Treat Hair Loss

Launch Date- January 07, 2019

Where: Nirvasa Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

NIRVASA HEALTHCARE introduces hair regain plus capsules

 (A natural and healthy hair formula designed for every men and women)

Gurugram, India (January 07, 2019) – Nutrafirst, the leading provider of healthcare products, today announced the launch of its unique and herbal hair growth product successfully. During the inauguration, the Founder and president of the Nirvasa Healthcare were present with prominent names of the Nutraceutical industry.

They articulated opinions of changing structure of the health market and how it is affecting the general wellness of people. Keeping customers’ standpoint and expectation in mind, a highly potent hair growth product of Nutrafirst was launched that succeeded to leave an imprint on audiences with its amazing qualities so far.

Hair Regain plus is an exclusive hair growth product designed for people suffering from the problems of hair fall and baldness. The extensive results of hair loss across India have induced us to come up with something magical and potent that could give victims of excessive hair fall a ray of hope.

The CEO of Nutrafirst MR, Amitoz Singh, laid emphasis on the need of authentic hair growth supplements saying our long-awaited decision to manufacture credible hair loss products has to do with the needs of countless people. We are happy that we could maintain the tradition of high-quality manufacturing standards with the innovative efforts of our team. Hair Regain Plus has been prepared with an aim to cure hair loss dilemmas and treat all types of hair problems.

We have adopted immaculate methods while manufacturing nutritional hair supplements, the efficacy of which supports your scalp with abundant vitamins and minerals. These supplements help to repair hair and make them thicker, healthier, and stronger.

The blend of extensive research and herbal ingredients has been infused during the making to deliver users the top-notch results. The collective mixture of Ingredients such as Bhringraj, Yashtimadhu, Brahmi, Hibiscus, Ashwagandha, and Shankhapushpi make Hair Regain capsules a breakthrough hair loss solution. History is proof that hair loss has been treated well with herbal medications, the good effects of the same are still in vogue to put the sedentary life on track.

Due to the embroilment of fast-paced life, people have now resorted to searching for alternative solutions such as surgical treatment and hair loss surgeries for hair loss. The said treatments surely bring outcomes with the use of advanced technology but fail to impress for long.

The perennial impact of Ayurveda has made our product extensively popular among the audiences and maintained a gripping position among the competitors. Even today people’s belief towards Ayurvedic medication is more than redundant filler & chemically-made products. The reason being is their ability to give quality results with no side effects.

About hair regain plus

The product is laden with essential ingredients that have built an impressive customer base in such a short span. Our years of experience make this hair regain plus natural and highest quality hair regrowth products.

Apart from making hair lustrous, bouncy, healthier and stronger, it continues to nourish the scalp as long as you make it a part of your habit. Our state-of-the-art technology and market savviness are blended in the production process to maximize hair growth.

Nutrafirst feels a special responsibility to support men and women with optimal treatment of hair loss and strives efforts in a way that best fits their needs, budget, and lifestyle.



Nutrafirst is one of the reliable Nutraceutical Company, which offers a variety of 100% natural and herbal products for improving overall wellbeing. We are providing natural weight loss products like (Keto pills, Garcinia Cambogia, Green coffee beans, and Apple cider vinegar), best multivitamins supplements for men and women, natural testosterone booster supplements (Ultra Josh capsules), and hair care products(hair regain plus capsules, Biotin capsules and hair regain oil).

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