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New Corona Virus Variant B.117, B.1351, B.1617 Already in Indonesia

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New Variant Corona Virus B.117, B.1351, B.1617

Indonesia has been infected with a new strain of the Corona virus. The B117, B1351, and B1617 are among the new version
Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, M.Epid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, claimed that COVID-19 cases are now on the rise in numerous nations. The mobility of people’s movements, as well as a novel COVID-19 virus variant, B.117 from England, B.1351 from South Africa, and a double mutation variant from India, B. 1617, have all contributed to the rise in cases in these nations.

“B.117, B.1351, and variation B1617 are the three categories of variants classified as Variant of Concern (VoC). When compared to the previously circulating viru, this B.117 variant is known to have a transmission rate of 36 to 75 percent “He remarked during a virtual news conference on Tuesday (4/5), “types.”

People from all across the world have reported variety B.117 as the most common. In Southeast Asia, the WHO reported a 49 percent rise in cases of strain B.117 circulating.

In terms of mutations or novel variants, Nadia continued, they are still being investigated and tested throughout 786 laboratories in Indonesia. COVID-19 is also tested at these labs.

The type B variation is found in the distribution of novel variant instances in Indonesia. The case number 1617 is in the Riau Islands 1 case as well as the DKI Jakarta 1 case. North Sumatra has two cases, South Sumatra has one, Banten has one, West Java has five, East Java has one, Bali has one, and East Kalimantan has one. Meanwhile, there is only one example of the B. 1351 variation in Bali.

“As a result, we are concerned about the addition of cases B. 117 and B. 1351, as well as B. 1617, to the surveillance list. As of April 30, we had obtained the full findings from the examination results “Nadia remarked.

Nadia urged the people to restrict mobility in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The situation in Indonesia necessitates rigorous adherence to the government’s recommendations or prohibitions.

“By delivering negative laboratory findings throughout the journey or during our process to our hometown, for example, there is no guarantee that we will not be exposed to COVID-19,” Nadia explained.

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