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Ganpati Decoration Ideas For Home

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Believe in spirituality, Our country is widely known for celebrating 100s of colourful festivals throughout the year. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most awaited festivals celebrated every year. The ten-day Hindu festival is celebrated to honour the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God. People bring an idol of Lord Ganesha to their home, which is called Moorti Sthapna, a ritual of this festival.

Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas For Your Home Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas For Your Home

List of home decorating ideas during Ganesh Chaturthi:

Clean up first

To bring positive vibes to your home, keep all unnecessary old items out of your home. Clean it up from the dust and everything spread of non-usable. Hygiene should be followed to confirm complete cleanliness.

Moorti Sthapna (Idol placement)

Bring a Ganesha Idol to your home and keep it on a higher surface of the floor, probably on a wooden table. Offer varieties of flowers and also do not forget to offer sweets in front of the idol. Light up a diya full of oil or ghee or you can light-up numbers of diyas in front of the idol.

Decorate with Rangoli & Garlands

Draw Rangolis at the entrance and space where the idol is placed. Use flowers to decorate your home or you can hang garlands of artificial or real flowers all around. Change the garlands frequently if they are made of real flowers.

Lighten your house with Diyas

Keep diyas all around Rangoli or you can light up all the corners of your house with artificial lightning.

Decorate with Bells and Confetti

Use fancy little bells and confetti to decorate the Pooja house. Or there are so many decorative items you can purchase online from Goodease or Amazon to decorate your home.

Light-up your home beautifully

To get yourself to the complete prosperity, you must light-up your house’s balcony and windows with lighting strings.

Decorate with hangings items

Purchase decorative items such as little idols to hang on the walls of your home. The hanging decoration may include garlands, Ganesha idols, Peacock feathers, and flower plant pot basket. Apart from these, a house can be decorated with so many creative ideas like zigzag garlands, stylish lamps, and artificial flowers. People who are short on creative ideas can purchase decorative items from online gift portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

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