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9 Reasons Why You Need a Business Valuation

Do you know the value of your business? Surprisingly, even after working hard to build an asset, some people do not know the value of their hard work. Well, it is always recommended that you know the value of your business in the present and for the future. Also, as a business person in Dubai, there are numerous reasons why getting a business valuation in Dubai for your company makes sense, whether it is to conduct informed sale price negotiations, financial planning, or succession planning.

What Is Business Valuation?

The process of determining the current worth of a business by using objective measures and evaluating all aspects of the business is known as business valuation. A business valuation is typically performed when a company wishes to sell all or a portion of its operations, merge with, or acquire another company. It may include an examination of the company’s management, capital structure, future earnings prospects, or the market value of its assets. The tools used for valuation can differ between evaluators, businesses, and industries.

Why Do We Need Business Valuation?

To Determine Your Company’s Revenue-Generating Areas

Business valuations can identify areas where revenues can be increased and expenses reduced, resulting in higher profits and improved cash flow. Better knowledge also means less uncertainty, and less uncertainty in business reduces a company’s risk profile.

To Determine Your Company’s Strengths and Weaknesses

A valuation can serve as a health check for a business, identifying areas of strength and weakness that can inform future strategic planning, ultimately increasing the overall value of the company.

To Determine the Driving Value in Your Business

The valuation process will assist you in determining what are the driving values in your business so that those areas can be emphasized and improved to unlock additional growth and value.

To Consider the Risk Profile of Your Business

A valuation also allows you to consider and manage your company’s risk profile. Valuation is not about determining what a company is worth in your hands, rather, it’s about establishing transferable value.

To Improve the Understanding of Your Company’s Assets

Obtaining an accurate business valuation assessment is critical. Estimates are not acceptable because they are a generalization.

To Understand the Value of Your Company’s Resale

If you are thinking about selling your business, you must first determine its true worth. And  for this you should be aware of your company’s valuation as a business owner.

To Merge or Acquire a Company

A valuation is necessary when you are planning to acquire another company planned for acquisition or when you are merging your company with another.

To Resolve Disputes About Your Mergers or Dissolutions

Ownership disputes arise from a variety of circumstances, including disagreements between owners, conflict with a merger or dissolution, or other related issues. In such cases, it is always recommended that a valuation be performed as part of the settlement process.

To Gain Access to More Investors

When you seek additional investors to fund your company’s growth or save it from financial disaster, the investor will expect to see a comprehensive company valuation report. And, only when a potential investor sees that their funds will take the company to the next level, increase its value, and put more money back into their own pockets, they would likely invest in the company.


Buying a business, selling a business, or leveraging a business’s value to raise funds can be complicated, and there will always be situations where one party to a business transaction knows more about the transaction than the counterparty. However, a third-party assessment and business valuation  Dubai, on the other hand can assist you in striking a delicate balance between the availability of information and the comprehensiveness of the risk factors, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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