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What is wall cladding?

What is wall cladding?

Wall cladding is a type of decorative cladding designed to make the wall appear to be made of a different type of material than it actually is. Some of the most common examples are on the outside of buildings, but cladding can also be an artistic element in interior decoration. It is generally not structural, which means that it does not affect the stability or integrity of a building’s architectural core. In most cases, it is designed to be permanent and can offer benefits such as insulation and waterproofing.

Different types of interior and exterior wall cladding materials –

  1. Stone Cladding
  2. Brick Cladding
  3. UPVC Cladding
  4. Timber Cladding
  5. Metal Cladding
  6. Concrete Cladding
  7. Weatherboard Cladding
  8. Glass Cladding

Stone wall cladding and brick wall cladding are most popular these days in Indian Houses.

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