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Portable Handheld Nebulizer Mesh Atomizer Machine

Product details:

1.Atomization rate:≥0.2/min

2.cup capacity:0.5-8ml



5.working frequency:120kh±10%

6.liquid temperature:≤60 degree weight:79g (without battery)

Hot Tips

1.Please don’t use batteries and USB cable at the same time. Otherwise, the device might get damaged.

2.Please dismantle the cup to clean after each use. Then fill in some water or vinegar solution and power on to enter self-cleaning mode for a few minutes

3.Please keep the liquid cup and the device dry after cleaning.

4.Please read the manual carefully before 1st use.

Instruction for Use:

1.Before the first use, please push the button on the back to dismantle the liquid cup for cleaning.

2.Clean and sterilize the cup, lid, mask and mouthpiece. Make sure all the accessories are dry before use.

3.Assemble the cup and mask in place. Put in 2*AA batteries or plug with the usb cable.

4.Fill in the desired liquid to the cup. Now you can power on to start atomizing.

5.After each use, pour out the residue. Fill in some water or vinegar solution and power on to enter self-cleaning mode.
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